£69 instead of £199 for a non-surgical HIFU ‘facelift’ treatment with a consultation, skin analysis and double cleanse at Vivo Clinic, Belfast – save 65%

Non-Surgical HIFU ‘Facelift’ @ Vivo Clinic Belfast
Feel fabulous and treat yourself to a non-surgical HIFU ‘S-Section Facelift’ treatment at Vivo Clinic! Aims to help lift and tighten skin all while giving you that added boost to leave you feeling radiant. 20-minute session includes a full consultation, skin analysis and soothing double cleanse. With gorgeous results that could last for up to two years. Modern clinic based in Holywood, just a short drive from Belfast city centre. Open Monday-Saturday, 10am-8pm.

Store Price: £ 199.00

Offer Price: £ 69.00

Valid from: 2019/01/08 Valid to: 2019/04/04

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£19 instead of £99 for a non-surgical double chin ‘reduction’ treatment at Vivo Clinic, Belfast – save 81%

Non-Surgical Double Chin ‘Reduction’ @ Vivo Clinic, Belfast
Feel back to your fabulous best with a double chin ‘reduction’ treatment. Treatment aims to target skin elasticity, creating a tighter, more youthful look. Non-surgical session uses gentle radiofrequency on the target area. Relax in the safe hands of a friendly and experienced practitioner. Located at Belfast’s modern Vivo Clinic. Open Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-9pm.

Store Price: £ 99.00

Offer Price: £ 19.00

Valid from: 2019/01/29 Valid to: 2019/04/29

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